Thornaby Village Bowls Club - 2017 Competition Winners

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2017 Winners

2017 Competition Winners

Jen Colling Trophy
Winner - A. Shaw
Runner Up - V. Marshall

Win Simpson Trophy
Winners - V. Marshall / O. Higgins
Runners Up -E. Connell / M.Gillings

Ann Oxley Trophy
Winner - E. Connell
Runner Up - A. Griffin

Miri Jefferson Trophy
Winner - V. Marshall
Runner Up - E. Connell

Harry & Joyce Vickers Trophy
Winners - E. Connell / A. Griffin
Runners Up - V. Marshall / L. Bullock

Club Champion (Norman Hildon Trophy)
Winner - S. Mc Donald
Runner Up - D.J. Gray

Four Wood Handicap Trophy
Winner - S. McDonald
Runner Up - M.J. Smith

Vet's Champion
Winner - M.J. Smith
Runner Up - D.J. Gray

Three Wood Handicap
Winner - S. McDonald
Runner Up - A. Dixon

Two Wood Handicap (Fred Watton Trophy)
Winner - M. Bell
Runner Up - S. McDonald

Alf Bayles trophy
Winner - J. Kelly
Runner Up - B. Bullock

Taylor & Wintersgill Trophy
Winners - S. Davies/B.Bullock
Runners Up - A. Barker / B. Rhea

Millennium Trophy
Abandoned Due to Bad Weather

Arthur Mowbray Trophy
Winners - O.Higgins/C.P. Tighe / A. Barker
Runners Up - B. Rhea / F.J. Taylor /R.Connell
Alan Shaw Trophy
Winners - M.Gillings / B. Bullock
Runners Up - S. Davies / D.J. Gray
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